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Pure Water-fed Systems

Water Fed Window Cleaning SystemsWindow Cleaning using pure water-fed systems give numerous benefits over conventional ‘ladder and bucket’ approaches, advantages that include nearly every feature of the cleaning procedure for our operatives, for the ecosystem and for you.


It’s safe, as far above the ground, up to 8 storeys - poles distribute chemically uncontaminated water to heights of up to 70 feet. This more or less eradicates the use of ladders - we will only use ladders to acquire access to a few properties.


This uncomplicated step permits our window cleaners to stay on the ground throughout the cleaning: a good deal safer system and one which allows us to comply with the most up-to-date Health & Safety Executive proposals for working at height. By employing us to clean your windows, you can be certain that you’re using a company which uses the safest window cleaning system obtainable these days.


Pure water consists of only two elements, Oxygen and Hydrogen. Normally, ‘clean’ water contains several elements; Zinc, Sulphur, Silver, Manganese, Iron, Foaming Agents, Fluoride, Copper, Chloride and Aluminium - and that’s simply water you drink!


The superiority of our water is equal to that used in laboratory procedures and we frequently analyse our water by means of a ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ meter to guarantee its cleanliness, giving a gleaming finish!


There are approximately 200,000 British window cleaners using detergents even now, with a probable use of up to a pound of detergent a day, per person, which leaches into the soil and contaminates the water table.


Pure water use is the singular option for people who care about the ecosystem.


The only other professional alternative for window cleaners is:


▪ Buckets

▪ Squeegees

▪ Chamois Leathers

▪ Quickly Contaminating Water


And lastly, and most importantly –


▪ Time!




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